Thursday, July 27, 2017
Fast Manual Renew
Machine Code
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License Renew

In order to Renew your license with internet connection on the PC

  • Start LicenseManager.exe from folder PCam
  • Select Update tab
  • Push Automatic Update button

In order to renew without internet connection on PC:

At www.PCam.com > Login and select menu “Support” and “Fast Manual Renew".
Start LicenseManager.exe and go to Status tab, then copy the License Code in below Form

Than go to Registration tab and push License request button, copy "Machine code" in in below Form

Push Submit

Push Submit and you will get back two software keys to be insert in LicenseManager.exe "Machine Key" and “Software key"

Than push OK button and you should get a Registration successfull Dialog.

Works also for LOST License.

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