Monday, July 22, 2019
Fast Manual Renew
Machine Code
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License Renew

 To Renew license direct from Internet:

  1. Run PCamLicenseManager.exe from %ProgramFiles(x86)%\PCam
  2. Click Update button.

To Renew license without a direct Internet connection:

  1. Run PCamLicenseManager.exe from %ProgramFiles(x86)%\PCam
  2. Click "Remove"button as showen in below image.

  3. When asked then confirm and waiting for confirmation.
  4. Click blue "i" blu, copy Kill code to use it later.

  5. Run PCamLicenseManager.exe one more time, always from %ProgramFiles(x86)%\PCam
  6. License will be "REMOVED", click "Activate" button.

  7. Because of missing Internet access, pop-up message "PCam license server not reachable. Check internet connection." When asked click "No", and wait for next step, as image below.
    Copy Machine code to use it later.
  8. From every PC with an Internet access, open www.PCam.com 
  9. Click "Support" menu > Click "License Renew".
  10. In "Fast Manual Renew", select "Modify by KillCode"
    Insert "Kill code" and "Machine code" copied in previous steps.
    As prefer you can insert a e-mail address, if you want to receive license keys by e-mail.
    "Submit" and wait ...

  11. If everything run well, after a few seconds, the license keys will be displayed: "Machine key" and "Software key", to copy in PCamLicenseManager, as showed in images below.
    Or waiting for e-mail, if present.

  12. After pasted Machine key and Software key, click OK and wait for confirmation:
    The license has been successfully activated!
    Confirm by OK button, you will see license status "ACTIVE".

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