Thursday, January 17, 2019
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A valuable Service

Optimal quality, innovative products and a wide range of services define the range of performance PCam- to ensure maximum benefit to the custom.

All under control with PCam®Tool

The new system management tools, greatly increases the productivity of your company. The computerized management system fully automatically provides you with a program of personalized tools.

can be stored in a clear tools used in the production and manage them efficiently. Through drawers and tools with a code, the cabinet tools ensures at all times safe storage, clean and tidy tool. In this way you avoid errors and speed up work processes.

And digital data still belong to the Customer !

The monitoring of minimum stock, with custom tool, ensures they are always available the tools necessary for the production.

The system based on SQL allows you to access at any time of an overview of available stock. In this way it ensures a permanent and complete transparency with respect to the tool consumption and the costs related to it. The ordering process automatically reduces significantly the cost of acquisition of goods.

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