Monday, November 19, 2018


The PCam team
Our engineering team is extremely motivated, it feels strongly about commitment and responsibility and looks for productive relationships


Our Philosophy
Our philosophy drives us to fully satisfy all customers' needs and requirements. These will be reached through concrete results and cooperation. We have two decades of technical experience and knowledge in the CAD/CAM/Automation arena, in the software development cycle, as well as in  the technical support area.


Our mission is
To stay up to date as much as possible to the technological frontier so that our exhaustive application of the technologies gives us the opportunity to transfer the resulting benefits to our customers. Our Team develops software solutions in the CIM/Automation area, driven by the customer needs.
Our know-how is primarily oriented towards the application of the most up to date technologies in the mechanical field. User interface, software portability, distributed objects technologies, operating systems and internet are the software areas where our know-how, as well as our current projects can be found. CAD/CAM/Automation systems and more generally CIM systems, for the mechanical industry are the technical tools we retain in order to develop projects in the fast prototyping, small series of workpieces and tooling. We work on a vertical strategy basis: we only take into account solutions which we are surely able to face all the way, reaching all details. We believe that "people make the difference".
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